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A great new way to flirt and connect with people without having to share your personal info! You purchase fun cards, each with a unique code printed on it, that you can hand out to whoever you want to connect with. Using that code, the person you "flip" can use the code and the FlipMe Dating web site to contact you!
"I think that guy is cute but I'm not comfortable giving him my number. Thank god I have a FlipMe card!
by Flippin' Awesome September 09, 2010
To have someone flirt with you by passing you a FlipMe card.
I got flipped by that hot chick in the bar!
by Flippin' Awesome September 09, 2010
The act of slipping someone a FlipMe! card as a way to get their attention, break the ice, or make an instant connection.
That chick has been looking at me all night. I'm definitely flipping her
by Flippin' Awesome September 09, 2010
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