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A drinking game in the tradition of flipcup, where players vie against each in free-for-all elimination fashion.

Players gather round a table and each fill two regulation size Solo cups with beer (half-cup or full-cup earning tremendous reputation points). When all players are set, they raise their first cup in a toast of mutual respect, and when the signal is given, race to drink and flip both of their cups.

When a player has flipped their second cup, they back away from the table and raise their arms in an inebriated way, and can yell something like "Done, muthafuckas!" to signal that they are finished. Play continues until all but one person has flipped their cups, that person then being eliminated from play and swept away on a river of boos.

Play continues in survivor fashion until only two competitors remain, at which point the number of cups each player must drink & flip becomes three. The winner of this round is champion.

One rule of Tinycups is that any person present who has not already been eliminated in that round can enter play at any time, encouraging new arrivals to the party to jump in. One criticism of Tinycups is that a player who has survived several rounds can lose to a new arrival who has just jumped in the game at the very end - voicers of these criticisms are typically harassed both verbally & sexually, and doused with beer or worse.

Tinycups is often confused for a similar game actually played with tiny cups called CartMcAlliReesaBerg-Cup.
"Hey man, welcome to the party!"

"Cool, what are you playing?"


"Oh cool, I'll wait 'til the next round to play I guess..."

"No, you can play now!"


ALL: "Tinycups! Tinycups! Tinycups!"
by Flipkin December 08, 2010

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