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A man with an unsually high feminine personality. This person usually wears male thongs backwards. Very into sports not because of the love for the game but rather the men in tights. Favorite sports are football, baseball, and basketball because they all have balls. He loves to troll around occasionally with Frotto Tea Bagggins.
Caramel Kiss RY RY your one fruity mother fucker.
King and ruler of the people of Nicaruagua. Also Dictator who eats his boogers and smells howling monkey balls. Wears his cermonial wardrobe and gets coke points from, the trash from his Aunt who dives in garbage cans. Also known as Don Burto. DOn Burto is a graduate from Processor University and has flung poop everywhere.
Hi im Humberto and I'M RICH BITCH I own the whole country so say hello to my little friend Eduardo. He is my servant.

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