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Street punk is loud, fast, obnoxious, rude, angry, aggressive, and violent music. It's represented by a scene of kids who refuse to change or grow up. the fashion usually consists of denim/leather vests/jackets, studs, spikes,pins, patches, painted bands, boots, tight pants, camo pants, plaids or anything else that can appear absolutely absord. Hair styles can range anywhere from a blue mohawk, a bleached charge, a rainbow tri-hawk, or pretty much anything else that stands out. Street punks aren't pussy emo fags who whine all the time or cry when the government makes a decision. Their more concerned about going to the shows and getting drunk. Unity, staying young and usually a general hatred for normal society, rules, conformity and the expected life are key ideas related to this scene. Street punks will always stand up for themselves and their buddies, no matter the consequences (i.e. getting beat down by 40 kids or serving 5 years in jail).
Defiance, Oxymoron, Clit 45, Blanks 77, Cheap Sex, A global threat, the unseen, lower class brats, monster squad, action, are all street punk bands.

(kid and 10 friends approach a street punk)
Kid: Nice hair, faggot!
Street punk: What the fuck did you say?
Kid: I said nice...FUCK! (street punk knocks kid out and attackas all of his friends.)
by Flinchy November 29, 2007
A crazy clown is when you are either boning a girl doggystyle or analy (or a male analy...ew)and then you ejaculate on their back....and when they turn around, you make a warm, tasty, sweaty fart right on their nose
Hey Chris Bandini! I heard you fucked up a printer naked iwth a bat then you gave my sister a crazy clown!!!

I love to give midgets a crazy clown....on hot summer afternoons....while smoking a cigar.

last night, when I was giving my btich a crazy clown, i accidently shit in her mouth
by Flinchy August 07, 2006
The act in which a female or a very disturbed male inserts a usualy erect penis into their mouth. This act can consist of sucking, licking, deepthroating, and the occasional kissing. Some people choose to massage the penis as well as suck it, too cause more or a joyful sensation. This act usualy ends with the penis ejaculation a load of cum into the females mouth, then she either spits it out of swallows it. Sometimes, the mall will bust a load on her face, showing her shes just a useless broad. the "blowjob" got its name from people sucking penis in order to recieive blow or cocaine, hence the name "blowjob".
That bitch gave me a blowjob, and I farted on her chin

You dad asked me if I could suck his cock...... but thats kinda weird so I ran home

You sister sucks great cock.... I fuckign blew a load in her eye.... that stupid whore
by Flinchy April 16, 2006

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