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The viruses, add-ware, and spy-ware you get on your computer from downloading porn.
My internet STI is giving me pop-ups!!!
by Fliggs September 20, 2007
A condition existing in women, consisting of a state of constant irritation and an excessive amount of anger. usually directed at males that are in close relationship with the victim.

PMS symptoms that don't seem to go away.
your girlfriend is always so mean to you. she must have perma-period.
by fliggs December 04, 2007
A style of female pubic hair that is a vertical stripe. Also known as a landing strip.
Your chach-hawk was trimmed well.
by Fliggs September 18, 2007
A slang word for F***. This word is less offencive and can be used in more public areas. Also it can replace words such as shit and damn in certain situations.
Fug!!!!!!! That nail going through my foot really hurt.

by Fliggs September 19, 2007

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