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1) a cross between a cheerleader and a rockette

2) an incentive for freshman guys to stay in marching band
Damn, those buccanettes are talented!

Damn, those buccanettes are fine!
by Flicka the White April 27, 2005
a liquid that can, when contained within an aluminum can and smashed against a level surface with signifigant force, create a substantial spray radius of about three lunchroom tables.
Damn, did you see Coffee smash that gatorade can today at lunch? It really pissed off Mr. Nichols...Coffee's in deep shit now.
by Flicka the White May 03, 2005
(n) an inappropriate or awkward request for sexual relations, often preceded by incredible lady skills. The word is usually preceded with the phrase "pulling a." Not to be confused with "pulling a coffee."
"Dude, I can't believe you asked that girl for a blowjob! She was totally into you!"

"Yeah, I guess I pulled a chester."

"Well, at least you didn't pull a coffee and run away when she tried to talk to you."
by Flicka the White September 19, 2006
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