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The jumbled version of any message sent via Blackberry.
After sending a text message to someone only to find that some or most of the words were misspelled due to the fact that the keyboard is comically tiny. "I qill ne there fot the ten olclock mrrting" = "I will be there for the ten o'clock meeting". I had some difficulty deciphering your last message, but it was in perfect BlackBerry.
by flezmo December 30, 2009
tahrt blanch, blahnch; tart blahnsh
The complete absence of restriction granted to any attractive intoxicated female who is desired by mostly everyone in any social situation. A exception from normal and acceptable behavior given to another person to do whatever she pleases, based solely on her desirable, and often slutty appearance.
That hot, drunk, chick dancing on the bar just knocked over everyone's drinks, puked a little and all of the guys are cheering for more and buying her more shots. I guess she's got tarte blanche tonight.
by flezmo April 02, 2011

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