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brake the two words up and get mad and city. mad meaning crazy but in a good way. city meaning town, but not. city being and adjective to back up mad. madcity is used as a second adjective after the first to really emphasise your point. words that go well with madcity include radcore, hammick....
(insert awesome guitar shredding here) "radcore MADCITY!! youve been practicing"
by Fletty December 09, 2006
SLUMB is an acronym for when you can't be bothered to write out the whole thing whilst on the internet. as apossed to LOL, SLUMB is for those moments when you didn't actually laugh out loud. SLUMB stands for SILENTLY LAUGHING UNDER MY BREATH. As i have witnessed many times, people dont actually laugh out loud. maybe a chuckle or snigger under ones breath, hence SLUMB.
person one: did you see his hat today, it looked like a hotdog bun

person two: SLUMB. it did look like a hotdog roll.
by Fletty December 09, 2006
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