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dim witted
"you acted like a right pratt last night"
by fletch March 23, 2004
To get drunk. To visit a club drink and party until you're headsprung.
We are all at the club with a bottle of grey goose getting headsprung.
by Fletch February 03, 2005
Performing of fellatio on a man who is sitting on a toilet and taking a crap.
Yo, you hear about Per and Max? They were just in the bathroom and Per gave Max brumpkin. Pretty sick, right?
by Fletch March 15, 2004
total twat.
of unsound mind and incapable of anything sensible.
complete cunt!
"fuck me, you're such a Hoppy" !!
by fletch March 23, 2004
A person that you don't like or specifically a person who shows much promiscuity.
You are such a sleuz.
by Fletch August 27, 2003
The shit that goes down when nobody can agree on the rules of a card game.
Spence, shutup with your arguementation!
by Fletch July 16, 2003
a pretentious ass-licker.
has high opinions of himself and fellow 'chums'.
wishes he had talent, but never will.
can't stop 'whining'!!
"looks like we've got another 'jazzbo' on our hands, alert the media"!!
by fletch March 23, 2004

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