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The most annoying person on the planet. Once you meet a Canine Cop you'll instantly want to mute him. His whining, complaining and the annoying noises he makes with no regard to anyone else make him even slightly more annoying than a Ruined Leaf.
Yo, will that Canine Cop ever shut up? No he won't! He was born to annoy the hell out of you. He's worse than Ruined Leaf.
by Flemroid May 19, 2009
When you lay out money for an event and cheap people say that they aren't going to eat or they are only going to eat a little bit so they aren't going to give you money. Or even worse, people tell you they will show up and they will eat; they don't show up and don't offer to give you money anyway.
Yo, all those cheap-asses better pay upfront this time cuz I'm not getting stuck money again.
by Flemroid January 10, 2010

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