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11 definitions by Flea Sisters

The far reaches of uptown Manhattan. Primarily refers to Washington Heights and Inwood.
Fifi wants to move Way The Heck Upstate, but Upstate Manhattan will do, for now..
by Flea Sisters July 08, 2004
30 17
Literal translation: ciao for now

Meaning: See you later.

Spanish-English fusion.
ciao for niao..
by Flea Sisters July 14, 2004
31 19
When one person feeds psychic crumbs, not enough for a feast or meal and is also barely a snack, to another person, who proceeds to nibble at them.
Fifi is happy and satisfied in her work and life to be nibbling birdcrumbs again.
by Flea Sisters July 27, 2010
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The initial informational-interview type meeting with someone met through an online dating service.

Typically involves a drink, right after work, during the week. Sometimes this psuedo-date can carry over into dinner if both parties are interested.
Fifi is getting tired of the same ol'pre-date format. She'd rather take a walk in the park.
by Flea Sisters July 16, 2004
10 6
According to Fifi Vanderbilt's Book of Netiquette, nerviquette are the rules of comportment when engaging in relations with new friends from Nerve.
Silly Fifi, I've gone and forgotten my nerviquette again, but do please forgive me for flirting with your best friend.
by Flea Sisters November 06, 2006
3 1
Sometimes there is no difference between alone and lonely.
Choices we make in life sometimes leave us alonely.
by Flea Sisters October 16, 2006
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A written literary work goes between fiction and non-fiction. The writer is not obligated to divulge which is which.

Method is like any other hybrid fiction/non-fiction works. Style of writing, may also involve similarities, but bees original as a gum of archives, belles-lettres, gonzo, foodist, journalkeeping, personal & familiar essay, the ri-di-cul-ous, and is also research-reliant (as in, cites those from the labs and the quantitative gatherers) (likely not exhaustive list) .
Fifi is seeking representation for her fiction-a-non Breaking bread with boys.
by Flea Sisters July 27, 2010
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