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Only insulted by those who dont understand their history, innovation or excellence, Nintendo is making a comback in the present time (2006). They started out as a japenses card maing company 100 yrs ago, asd ar enow one of the three giants of trhe gaming world. The predjudice against them are mainly they are a kiddy console or that they arnt very good. THis is rubbish. Nintendo are beating Microsoft and in some cxases Sony in the he gaming market. THis is coming from a SOLELY gaming compmany going head to head against HUGE corperations, with extra-curiccular money spinners. Nintendo will endure and release the best games. Fact. Nintendo have never ripped off. This is impossible, as 90% of the games people claimed to have been "ripped off" have been made AFTER the nintendo ones. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! Nintendo are quaality over quantity and any arguemtn against them will be won. Nintendo invented 90% of the technology and inovations in todays gaming market. We take on allcomers. Fact.
Microsoft: haha look at our new wireless joypad with a d-pad and everything!!! OMG why are you ripping of Halo with Goldeneye and Metriod??
Nintendo: *sigh*
by Flava February 21, 2006
Wadams, Noun.

Someone who is annoying, who take no for an answer, or is otherwise too "nice" to say fuck off to.

Wadams, Adjective.
To call someone a wadams is to say that they are indescribably annoying or that they wont shut up
GOD! He's a wadams!

by Flava May 30, 2006

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