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incredibly voracious cougar who will track her prey for months before finally wearing him down in order to drain his nutsacks
watch out Babs is on the prowl, she'll have her talons in your plums yet my lad, she's a real cougaraptor
by Flatus Maximus May 20, 2010
a polite way to refer to someone as a TWAT
what a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!
by Flatus Maximus May 18, 2010
a stupid woman whose inane conversations go on and on
shut up you fucking twatterbox
by Flatus Maximus May 18, 2010
name for one's anal sphincter
ohh, my ringdingdanger is on fire after that chili
by Flatus Maximus May 18, 2010
the increased muscle mass and strength in the carpal area caused by a widower's lonely consolatory activity of milking his maggot
since his wife popped her clogs Sid's got some mighty widower's wrists
by Flatus Maximus May 19, 2010

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