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1. A Canadian actor who plays the exact same character over and over. Not a terrible actor, just lacking range.

2. Any actor with a limited range.

3. A male version of Jennifer Aniston.
Hmm so I can see Micheal Cera play the same character for the tenth time...not really.
#jennifer aniston #aniston #cera #lack of range #same character
by flashwildecard July 14, 2010

Usually used by Christians (although it can be used by any person of belief) when speaking to a person of another faith/person without faith.

Essentially their way of talking down to others without swearing.
Which makes more sense: The universe was created by an all knowing, all powerful being, that leaves no trace of its existance? Or that our primitive ancestors created the concept of God because they were afraid and needed answers.

I'll pray for you.

* * * *

I'll pray for you.

Well fuck you too!
#jesus #religion #prayer #creationism #circular logic
by flashwildecard November 28, 2010
Phrase: Coming from the filming of the movie Serenity. And meaning to cede control of a situation to a higher authority.
Hey man, Joss is Boss.
#joss whedon #nathan fillion #firefly #serenity #authority
by flashwildecard July 14, 2010
A phrase meaning a person who has evolved beyond the limits of sexual orientation.

A person who would be happy with any kind of person. Female, Male, Android, Non-gendered alien species etc.

Originated on the BBC series Doctor Who in reference to the character of Captain Jack Harkness.
Relax he's a 'Fifty First Century Guy' he's just a little more flexible when it comes to dancing.

How flexible?

Well by his time your species has spread across half the galaxy.


So Many species, so little time.

~The Ninth Doctor to Rose Tyler

Hey did I see Chris go home with Shelia AND James last night?

He's a Fifty First Century Guy.
#bisexual #sexuality #doctor who #torchwood #captain jack harkness
by flashwildecard June 21, 2011
Emanating from exceptionally stupid people Idiot Radiation has the effect of slowly chipping away at a persons intelligence/sanity. Although mild exposure can leave the exposed feeling angry, bitter, and or homicidal for short to moderate periods of time prolonged exposure has been known to increase an individuals resistance, acting as a form of inoculation. (At least in the cases where prolonged exposure hasn’t resulted in violence.)

Idiot Radiation poisoning is common to individuals working in fields that require daily contact with the public.

Effective treatments include: Listening to music, deep breathing, and becoming a hermit. Although alcohol has been known to be an effective treatment, in sufficient quantities it can result in an individual becoming the source of Idiot Radiation and should therefore be considered only as a last resort.

Idiot Radiation tends to effect groups more severely contributing to the ‘mob mentality.’

The only known cure is the complete eradication of the human species.
Dude, must be Idiot Radiation.
#stupid #mob mentality #idiot radiation poisoning #moron #human
by flashwildecard January 01, 2011
The misdirected rage generated by fans of a particular character when that character is killed off or replaced by someone else. Often the rage prevents them from giving a fair opinion of the new character. Originates from the BBC series Doctor Who, when fan favorite Rose Tyler was replaced with Martha Jones.
Example #1

“I hate Martha Jones so much!”


“Because she isn’t Rose Tyler!”

Example #2

“I hate Clara Oswin Oswald!”


“Because she isn’t Rory and Amy!”

“That’s the Martha Jones effect.”
#doctor who #rage #martha #rose #bbc
by flashwildecard January 03, 2014
A fan of Star Trek (any incarnation) who has COMPLETELY MISSED THE POINT OF THE SHOW!

Instead focusing on the little nicpicky details, rather than the bigger issue of what unites people of different cultures/ethnicities etc.
Those guys are to busy arguing whether they're Trekkie and/or Trekker to realize they haven't been paying attention.
#trekkie #trekker #star trek #star trek fan #idiot #ignoramus
by flashwildecard October 12, 2005
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