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v. To self-destruct in a clearly advantageous situation that is leading to sexual intercourse and/or foreplay.
Danny: What happened? I thought she liked you?

Brent: I thought so too! I mean, one minute we were making out, then I started talking about the differences between Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, then ...

Danny: Wait, seriously?! ... Only you could cockblock your own cock.
by Flashbang11 July 19, 2010
To have a really big head, usually made more obvious by a small body or neck.

Also can be related to Sheen family of actors (Martin, Charlie and Emilio Estevez), who have dense foreheads.
"Man that Joe Buck's got some head sheen."

"Rihanna's hot, but boy does she have some sheen on her head."

"I wanted to borrow Joe's hat, but it was too tight because I've got too much fucking headsheen."
by Flashbang11 December 21, 2008

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