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The C-Bomb, similar to dropping the F-Bomb, is when you say "Cunt" in an inappropriate situation.
-Avg. Joe as he reacts to an unfortuanate happenstance- "AWWWW, Cunt!"
-Avg. Joe's Grandma within hearing distance-"(sound of crying)"
by Flanstar July 29, 2005
when you swipe your hand through someone's ass like a credit card. THEN smell hand and say "wow, you've been approved"
You have just been Credit Checked!
by flanstar February 28, 2005
People (usually white high-school kids)who just wanna be like Pac. They often have cell phones for talking to their peeps. They ride around in their parents pimped sedans (usually with said peeps) looking for younger kids to (1) sell pot to (2) beat up or (3) both.
Guy 1-"Whoa, that mini-van full of white guys just jumped out of a van and beat up that lone guy. What a bunch of Thug Lifers!!!"
Guy 2- "Yeah, someday I hope I can be one...let's go to the mall and buy faux-diamond earrings!!!"
by Flanstar August 04, 2005
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