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Often abbreviated to P.S, this originates from the strong resemblence of a males small penis to a party or cocktail sausage. The wrinkly nature of the foreskin which covers the majority of a 2"flacid penis shares a similar texture and appearance to that of the small sausage.
"Check out his Party Sausage!"
by Flanners87 May 13, 2009
The strong resemblence of a male penis to a prawn. The size ratio is often 1:1 and sometimes can be confused with a King Prawn Willy which are extremely rare to find. The pinkish, wrinkly outer skin of a prawn displays similar characteristics of a males foreskin and the arched, horse shoe like bend of the prawn resembles the natural hanging position of a prawn willy.
"Wow, he has a small willy, looks bit like a prawn to me."
"Yea thats definitely a prawn willy!"
by Flanners87 May 13, 2009
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