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Verb. The activity that strictly involves warmth and an illegal amount of coziness. It is a process to maintain coziness and you must stay extremely still in order to keep in the heat, and to keep the cold out. This is because you never want to leave. There are certain requirements that you must meet in order to be in the perfect nugget. You must me extremely full, or at least have a meaty and/or cheesy meal within reach, (usually on your night stand). You also must be enveloped by some sort of "puff" of a blanket, that makes you resemble a burrito when you are in it. A warm and cozy, delicious nugget. Also, you must have a television in front of your nugget in the unlikely event that your balls open and you want to see another human (unless of course if you have roommates and there are multiple places for individual nuggets within your room to take place). Of course with this television you always have your remote within reach and it never gets lost. Its like a safe haven from you and the rest of the world. You're so fucking happy in your nugget.
Friend: Hey do you want to do anything with your life?

Nuggeteer: Nah I'm nuggeting.
by Flannel 1 $ October 02, 2011
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