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When giving a mustache ride, the female positions a "log" across the upper lip.
"Let me get that mustache ride and turn that into a dirty dreadlock!"
#mustache #ride #poop #sex #eating #out
by FlanMan October 18, 2014
Master Finger Frigger,a code for a person who is very good at using his fingers to provide satisfying stimulation of the female clitoris, concluding in orgasm
Do you want some M.F.F tonight baby?
That was some good M.F.F last night you stud!
#masterbation #code #friggin #clitoris #orgasm
by Flanman September 17, 2007
Master cock sucker, a code for a female who gives the most amazing, mind blowing head while tickling your balls until the male full on explodes in her mouth and swallows the lot!
Man that was some quality M.C.S last night bitch!
Hey handsome, you want some M.C.S tonight?
#blowjob #cum #swallow #head #balls
by Flanman September 17, 2007
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