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Viz Magazine UK first used the word on the cover of the magazine to annoy Newagents(WHSmith)by creating an imaginary very rude swearword.
This was first used by Viz Character 'Sweary Mary', and is allegedly the rudest swearword in the world.
Can be used as an alternative to c*nt or f*ck as in the example.
"Oh fitbin, I've just stepped on a dog turd" or as Derek & Clive may have said "Adolf Hitler, what a fitbin he was....."
by Flange the Inquisitor February 13, 2005
unusually orange labia - word combined from flange and tangerine
I've never seen such orange flaps, why it's a real flangerine
by Flange the Inquisitor September 16, 2004
a type of fizzy jizz/cum (sperm) that's exactly like Asti Spumante wine i.e. white, bubbly and very sticky
I'd been out dancing, when I got home I gave my bird a good seeing to with the old one eyed trouser snake and my knob exploded with a torrent of spermante!
by Flange the Inquisitor November 12, 2005
a homosexual man into water sports involving dressing up as tinkerbell and 'tinkling' all over their partner
hey ducky come over to my place tonight for a game of pissfairy
by Flange The Inquisitor April 12, 2006
vangita is an alternative word for fangita
mmm nice vangita
can I eat 'er
by Flange The Inquisitor March 24, 2006
a woman's 'pudenda'(i.e. vagina)that is large enough to contain a potato (UK slang term for potato is a "Spud")
her pussy (vagina) is so large you could get a sack of potatoes (spuds) in there, why it's a real "spudenda"
by Flange the Inquisitor November 12, 2005
a person that is a total fuckwitt
he's such a barclay he thinks a sign that says "Wet Paint" is an instruction
by Flange The Inquisitor February 04, 2007
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