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An adjective used to describe a fraternity brother who constantly talks about played out punk/emo/indie music while sporting "yellowcard", "brand new" or "taking back sunday" t-shirt or hoodies. Designer brands include Hurley and Volcom bought exclusively at their local Pacific Sunwear. Usually of an upper middle class upbringing the frat punk will typically have over 400 friends on the facebook due to their overexposure that the Greek scene provides. Will explain in great detail the game of 100 cup they played the other night and how "sick" it was.
Hey Jim was wearing a sideways Hurley hat in the pictures from his mixer last night. He's so frat punk.
by Flaming Lips May 01, 2006

To take out one's penis, usually with another party, and simulate playing the drums with it against your male partner's belly
Hey Todd let's cut to the chance and play tummy sticks.
by Flaming lips August 05, 2013

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