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To repair or fashion something in a less than professional manner using the absolute bare minimum amount of effort and ingenuity.
I niggarigged my car's broken antenna with a coat hanger and stuffed a rag in the gas tank hole 'cuz someone stole my cap.
by Flaming Meaux April 11, 2006
It is a well-know fact that the ability of a male to detect odors is inversely proportional to the erectness of his penis. A dive bomber is a male whose sense of smell is still functioning well enough during sex to tell rotten pussy from the good kind before dipping a tongue in it.
A Dive Bomber can pull up just in time.
by Flaming Meaux April 23, 2006
Usually used to describe a characteristic of someone who is to the right of you in the political spectrum or morally superior. When all other defenses of one's preference to have sex with other members of the same gender fails, trot out the 'intolerance' card.

Nearly a capital offense to be in possession of such; i.e., tolerance of all other religeons, races, sexual proclivities, etc., is more important than any other characteristic one may possess. Note, however, than other religeons (notably Muslim) offer no such reciprocity and in fact, want to kill you because you are not like them.
Intolerance will NOT be tolerated!
by Flaming Meaux April 11, 2006
A bullshit phrase invented to camoflage government mandated discrimination against males in general and white males in particular.

Pinhead liberal: We can unring the bell known as discrimination by doing *more* of it. However, I don't think the white guys will like it. I know--we'll call it 'affirmative action' rather than discrimination. It will take the public years to figure out what it actually is and by then we'll have brainwashed them. Besides, with 71% of the population benefitting from it, they'll never vote it out. Even if it is total bullshit and morally wrong.
by Flaming Meaux April 11, 2006

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