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A very successful and underrated heavy metal band from Boston, Massachusetts who sold over 8 million records. With 4 platinum albums, the band also holds the record (17 and counting) for most top 10 singles in active rock history. The band is wrongfully accused by many for ripping off Alice and Chains names, logos, and sound. However, anybody with any musical talent or knowledge can agree that this is not true. Godsmack is arguably the best live band out there today. The band has notably out performed bands such as Metallica and Motley Crue infront of live audiences. Godsmack consists of 4 members. Sully Erna guitar/vocals, Shannon Larkin/drums, Tony Rombola lead guitar/backup vocals, and Robbie Merill/bass.
I went to the Metallica concert last night. Godsmack opened for them completley and stole the show.

I left Cruefest 2 after Godsmack's set. No other band could measure up.
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by Flaming Deuce January 07, 2010
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