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Top of the male shoulders beside the neck where a whore puts her feet to provide maximum stretch of her vagina.
That hoodrat was on her back and on my whore stirrups for three hours while I muscled her my whiskey dick!
by Flamin' Raymond June 09, 2009
Dried out crust left over from a wad of Cum when the sperm dehydrates and hardens.
When Joe's Grandma passed out in her chair watching TV, his friends were all too eager to cement her eyes shut with a batch of Elmer's Goo!
by Flamin' Raymond June 09, 2009
Little balls of shit that cling to the unshaven anal hair of a transvestite
Damn! I wish I could have seen the look on John's face when he was getting head in his car from that hooker in the mini skirt. He looked in the passenger side mirror up that jacked skirt and saw more shimberries than than even Rupaul could grow on a six week safari!
by Flamin' Raymond June 12, 2009
Made by a mentally challenged male post pubescent when they take off all their clothes and someone offers to buy them a Super Hero costume causing retard excitement in which the subject repeatedly jumps up and down smacking their dick on their stomach, balls, and legs. The sound created is a Dick Slap.
I can't believe our math teacher gave us homework over Christmas vacation. He's such a dick slap!
by Flamin' Raymond June 12, 2009

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