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(adj, v, int)A set of words used in many ways to express feeling of excitement.

It can also be used as a greeting or salutation

This set of words can be used in many ways with complex variations, and is constantly evolving.

Flagow, Flagmow, Flag-Flick, Flick-Flow, Flaghoo, Shlagmeow, Slig-hoo or any combination of a word and the suffixes or prefixes "flag" and/or "ow".

This word originated in Fredericksburg, VA.
Friend 1: What the flagow is goin' on?
Friend 2: Not a damn thing ya motha-flick-flow.
Friend 1: Flag-hoo!
by Flagow! September 09, 2007
A combination of the words "most" and "punished", describing a state of intoxication, inebriation, etc. in which the individual was highly impaired.

Also Know As: Stunished, Unished or Funished.

Orignated in Fredericksburg, Va.
Damn dawg, Dave was so fucking munished last night!
by Flagow! September 09, 2007
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