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1 definition by Flaaaggg

A type of iced tea that only men make and men can enjoy drinking. Made using powdered Tea mix such as Lipton or Brisk (none of that no-name weak tea). Place 2 or 3 times the recommended amount of powder in a pitcher and add water/ ice cubes (or Man Cubes ). Then stir once to dislodge the powder from the bottom without completely dissolving it. Then place in the Freezer while you make your food. When your food is ready Get the Man Tea and poor it over some Man Cubes then Drink.

the taste on a scale of 1-10 is Grit
This Man Tea is great cause I'm a man.

Its the Grit that makes this Man Tea so good.

This Man Tea is even better now that i have Man Cubes.
by Flaaaggg September 27, 2011