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Weed that is so good it comes sealed in small individual canisters, freshly sealed. When resealing the canister, it makes a distinctive "Snip-Snap" sound!!
Stoner: "God I love this Snip-Snap." Dueche Bag Friend: "Yeah-Huh!?!"
#snip-snap #snickle-fritz #hokus-pokus #mother-earth #da bomb digity
by Fizzle for Bizzle August 19, 2009
A phrase blurted to negate someone's self praising comment.
Precocious Youth: "I just got promoted at Friendly's from bus boy to waiter!"
Friend (who happens to be a Lawyer): "Yeah Huh!?!
#wow #get fucked #that's interesting #good job #well done
by Fizzle for Bizzle August 19, 2009
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