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2 definitions by Fizzi

a place that is mostly white, on the out skirts of a big or medium city. what ever blacks are extremely white washed. most families seem perfect, with nice cars, yards, and houses, but are just in denial. they hav just as many problems as the rest of us, but are psychotic about keeping up appearances. people who are even remotly different in appearance or nature stick out like sore thumbs.
"thank bob i dont live in white wash suburbia"

artgeek-when ever i visit family in the suburbs, the neighbors always stare at me! its like theyve never seen a girl with purple hair before!
by Fizzi December 05, 2008
56 19
an adjective used to describe things that are rad, awesome, sweet, and cool.
that shirt is so bloo!
by fizzi April 18, 2008
11 9