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One day, Exor Chaon was eating urine cake, when something popped into his wee mind.

"Hey, being anally raped/BANNED/BUNNED three times at one place could be amusing for me wee cock!" he thought to himself.

That day he registered an account at SWS2B. At the same time, he was performing oral sex on himself, because he likes teh cock.

The Exor Chaon species feasts mainly on urine cake and cock.

The Exor Chaon species, for some reason, has an obsession with proving that they are a better hacker then people think they are. (they suck as hackers though)

The Exor Chaon species also has terrible grammar, mainly using a semicolon ; instead of an apostrophe '. See the example below.
i read the rules i didn;t see it

BTE your words don;t affect me

if you can;t deal with that so be it you would have to leave instead of me

im more of a skileld hacker then i actually showed
by Fiz March 29, 2004
A word for my name. If you hate on me, you are a flying dutchman.
Fuck you, because I am Fiz.
by Fiz January 30, 2004

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