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3 definitions by FitzyBoy

(v.) To interrupt someone in the process of telling a long story or incident. Comes from the idea that someone's words are "steam-rolling" over what you are saying. Sometime hyphenated.
Kid: So anyways me and Jilanda were at the movies and...
Interrupting Kid: Isn't she with Damonte?
Kid: Dude, don't steam-roll me.
by FitzyBoy September 27, 2010
(deese) Short for "decent". Used to describe the attractiveness of a subject.
Kid: Wow, those shoes are dece.

Kid 2: Yes, they are decent.
by FitzyBoy September 27, 2010
The inbox you receive from an embarassed friend/co-worker/colleague after a night of experiencing their drunken antics, apologizing for their behavior.
Response: It's cool, Meg, you didn't have to apology-box me.
by FitzyBoy August 23, 2010