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When a woman is driving and she does not have a hands-free device, so, she puts the phone on speaker and puts it in her bra between her breasts to talk.
I was driving home from work and there was nothing on the radio, so I called my girlfriend on boobie phone to gossip.
#breast talk #cell phone #hands-free device #speaker phone #cop drop
by FitzLovin' December 09, 2009
When you can't sleep because you are trying to think of things to twitter the next day.
"Dude, you look tired..." "Yeah, I was up all night--tweetlessness..."
#tweetless #tweeter #twitter #sleeplessness #insominia #worry thoughts
by FitzLovin' May 28, 2009
Pronounciation: (foo' bahp)

Fat under belly above pussy. The second roll of fat under your belly.
I have to go on a diet, I'm starting to develop a fubap.

I started to go on this big girl, but I got a little confused about where her fubap ended and her pussy began. Thats why I will only do skinny chicks now...
#goodyear #michelin #jellyroll #fat #bubble pussy
by FitzLovin' April 07, 2009
A gay man--one who is usually somewhat accepted or useful to straight and/or macho type guys…a dude that smokes or “puffs” on dick.

“Dude, I was gettin all pissed off cuz that guy was dancin with my girl and shit. But then I realized he was just some fuckin puffa.”

“You know that kid is alright even if he is a puffah.”

“At first I was annoyed to see a puffa at my favorite local bar, but it’s actually kinda convenient—he dances with my chick and keeps her amused. I can hang out with my buddies, shoot some pool and shit and I don’t have to worry about her because that fuckin puffah ain’t interested in her.”
#fag #faggot #queer #homo #gay
by FitzLovin' May 13, 2009
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