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A term used to describe a style of writing where you write furiously and randomly, then worry about spelling, grammar and sentence structure later.

The point is to bring out all your ideas on to the page as fast as possible and then rearrange them till they make sense.

Comes from an old concept where one spits on an old dirty object, then wipes it off resulting in a shine. First used by a blogger under the pen-name "FitJerk"
Instead of worrying about writing the perfect article, why don't you just spit first shine later?
by FitJerk July 30, 2010
The name of a business, brand or trademark that is known well enough that it also doubles as traffic generating keyword from search engines.
Our company's main traffic generating keyword is the name of our brand itself.

That guy's online business is so well known that he doesn't need to compete for keywords anymore. People just look up his Brandword

Since millions of people now search the term "oldspice" into Google, it's not a brand anymore. It's a Brandword
by FitJerk July 29, 2010

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