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The usually private mail that is sent to you and you alone by somebody generally apoligizing for their behaviour after publiclly casting dispersions, abusing or flaming you.
"I can't believe that bitch flamed you like that to the entire office!"
"Yeah but she did send me an apolomail afterwards"
"Fat lot thats gonna do, everyone thinks your a prick now."
by FistyTheFerret November 22, 2006
Whilst giving a blowjob, one last spurt of seaman unexpectedly shoots forth hitting the back of the throat causing the giver to cough and choke.
Man, I wish she would swallow. She had a bit of afterchoke and nearly bit my dick off.
by FistyTheFerret July 31, 2005
a woman of short statue, usually below 5 foot
hahaha, Victor's got himself a Slacky wide on for that halfbitch!
by FistyTheFerret July 28, 2005
An attractive person but so very obviously promiscuous to the point of having no bounds or taste
Wazza : What happened to Kevin last night?
Trevor : Dunno, he reckons he was at a party and picked up that Naomi Robson chick from Today Tonight.
Wazza : Hey I'd believe that, she's such a fucky whore
by FistyTheFerret September 14, 2005
Often misunderstood as 'Casting Aspersions', this ancient term derived from the Spanish 'Castio Dispersionio' referrs to the encanting of the magic spell 'Dispersions' causing, as the name suggests, the target of the spell to break up and scatter before you.
Nathan : Now you're just casting dispersions
Sam : No Nathan, it's 'casting aspersions'
Nathan : It fucking well is not!
by FistyTheFerret November 03, 2005
The more pleasurable parts of the female anatomy
her labia was such that she could pull them over her head and turn herself into a redback spider
by FistyTheFerret July 26, 2005
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