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A form of prank calling where someone calls up an unsuspected person and once they pick up, he wispers, "fistina .... fistina ... fistina ..." and then hangs up.
Phil likes to fistina people all the time.
by Fistina June 22, 2006
A vague phrase used when confrontation is needed between one or more people invovling a confidential matter. The subject of the meeting is usually kept secret until the meeting actually takes place. This provides the element of surprise.
(ring ring ring)

Employee: "Hello?"

Management: "Hey, we need to talk to you. Meet me in the tunnel."

(click - phone hangs up)

Employee: "Hello? Hello?"
by Fistina May 18, 2007
1) To be performed only by someone's authorization.
2) To command action only by someone's authority.
Dom: "Hey Peter, do you want me to forward your phone?"
Peter: "No forwarding shall be done. Only at my hand. Take care now. Bye".
by Fistina November 03, 2006
A computer repair company that comes to your house and plays with fistina all day and doesn't fix a damn thing.
I called the fistina squad today and I got fucked.
After I called fistina squad, I can download porn 55 times faster.
by Fistina May 18, 2006
What McDonald's should really be called because most of their food contains some form of MSG or Gluten.
Peter went to MsgDonald's today and felt like shit afterwards because the food contained MSG and he was told otherwise.
by Fistina June 22, 2006
One who has "Deep Pockets".
Dominick is dpoc over there , spending his money.
I ain't got no money, I ain't no dpoc.
by Fistina May 31, 2006
A call-phrase for initiating sex with another. Often this phrase is used by adults when minors are present.
Cheryl: "Hey honey, there are treats in the kitchen."
Peter: "Oh, ok, I'll be on my way".
(wink wink)
by Fistina June 20, 2007
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