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(See rendonkulous.) A place or thing that is redonkulous that is named Boris or otherwise exhibits Russian-ass tendencies.
Damn, that nigga Boris is hella redonkulosovic! Shit.
by FisselDonk July 24, 2003
Someone who can't bust and just beats fish tacos all night while slippin' on 7up.
Dude, Adam, Quit being a FisselDonk and beat it.
by FisselDonk July 24, 2003
God Gramit!
by FisselDonk July 27, 2003
1. Beat it.
2. Get away!
by FisselDonk August 01, 2003
1. Someone who can't be beat.
2. Someone who can't stop gettin'
3. The coolest someone ever.
Damn...Look at that ProPaul
by FisselDonk July 30, 2003
A dumb-ass mug who be all up in a nigga's chips 'n' shit.
"Beat it, kook." God, that Yeltsin needs a beltsin... Tell that kook to beat.
by FisselDonk July 24, 2003
1. You ain't got shit.
2. Ain't shit goin' on...Foo
3. What chu got after ya got jacked,
which ain't shit...BITCH
4. You Went out lookin for some bitches
and came back with ain't shit.

Nathen aint shit..
by FisselDonk July 27, 2003

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