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Is a great province. Allot of down talk is directed to it. But most of it is because of ignorance. Alberta is NOT an environmental wasteland as shown by documentary. Shut us down you sure as hell better say goodbye to your low gas prices. Most oil is brought up via Sag D plants Which are very clean.

Edmonton and Calgary are the two biggest city's both approximately a million people. Both Hate eachother for no real reason. The average household income of both is nearly $90,000. Edmonton has a world class university u of a. And what was (until a couple years ago) the biggest mall in the world. Calgary has the world renowned Calgary Stampede and is a short drive from the mountains.

People from every single province comes here for the oil. A simple labourer can make upwards of $80,000. But most if not all of it is spent on drugs, alcohol, strippers, and their trucks even though 90% of them have no use for them but are merely compensating for their small penis.

Yes there are ALLOT!! of problems with Alberta. But the stereotype of what is Alberta isnt found everywhere. If it wasnt for small portion of the population of ignorant pricks and brainless retards who work in the oil industry This province would be the envy of all.
The world opinion of Alberta: I hate Alberta!! they poison the earth!!
Said just after getting off a plain, and driving their car home which is heated by natural gas from Alberta, dressed in polyester clothing, drinking heated coffee out of a plastic mug.
by Fishman9009 January 01, 2011

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