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3 definitions by Fishingdoubler

One who is seriously pussywhipped by his female partner.

A shady, slick, unsavory character.

A lesbian.
Ever since Tommy got engaged, he's been a real cunt lapper.

I think that cunt lapper stole my favorite pipe.

Don't waste your time, I heard she's a cunt lapper.

by Fishingdoubler September 23, 2006
21 13
A lesbian. A female who performs oral sex on another female.
Man, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out she's a catlapper; she's hot!
by Fishingdoubler September 25, 2006
8 2
When cleaning a sore or rash-tender anus with toilet paper, ususally after a night of drinking or spicy food.
"Damn, after those cheap beers and tacos last night, I'll be on pat dry for the next couple of days."
by Fishingdoubler February 08, 2009
2 4