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2 definitions by Fisher Price

Lazy. Anti effort. Anti stuff.
Because his stupid math class was so boring, he was completely and utterly antieffortistic.
by Fisher Price December 07, 2002
1.Referring to the amount XBOX costs on any given day.
2.Referring to the 2nd album by the band Ignition.
3. Referring to the song by the band Ignition.
4. Something Sam would say.
Me: So Sam, your gonna get an XBOX today, eh? How much money do u have to spend on it?
Sam: 69 bux.
Me: 69 bux? Sam, i'm telling you. You cannot manage to buy an XBOX for so little money.
Sam: 69 bux?
Me: Ok, i give up. 69 bux.
by Fisher Price December 07, 2002