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Description of someone who thinks more highly of themselves than any other person ever could and supercedes any form of extra terrestrial life's intelligence. Normally found with a block head, and a inverted penis, commonly mistaken as a tail.
"What the hell, did you just see that Clintorus?
by FischerBoom April 28, 2010
The act of riding a unicycle without a seat.
"did you go to the Macy's Gay Day Parade?"

"Yes, they had several Loftinists there"

"It was my first time seeing a Loftin, it was amazing."
by FischerBoom April 28, 2010
A noise made by a person sleeping when their abruptly woken by being tea-bagged.
dude 1 - "hey man watch this"

dude 2 - "you're not gonna... ughh"

Sleeping person - "FLURNOY!"
by FischerBoom April 28, 2010

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