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1: The first letters of the names of the gods Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, usually screamed by Billy Batson to summon the power of Captain Marvel.

2: A Goofy fuckin' exclaimation uttered by Gomer Pyle to further make him look like a dumbass.

3: An acceptable phrase to utter during orgasm whilst having sexual relations.
by First National Bastard April 22, 2003
1: Niggaz With Attitude; a rap group known for "Fuck Da Police", and being the breeding ground for gangsta rap.

2: National Wrestling Alliance; a loose affiliation of wrestling promoters formed in 1948 by Sam Muchnick for the purpose of recognizing one world champion, and ensuring a helluva lot of money be made by all (promoters).
by First National Bastard April 14, 2003
A So-called "Wrestling" organization populated by weekend warriors and former ECW Wrestlers whom Vince McMahon didn't want, run by shitty Porn magnate Rob Black.

XPW isn't really wrestling, it's crap... nothing more than a bad ECW rip-off, and ECW's popularity was always small outsied of it's rabid cult of followers. Those who watch XPW usually have the IQ of mayonnaise. However, XPW is close to folding, so all will be right with the world soon.
XPW is shit.
by First National Bastard April 29, 2003
An expression of shock, or disbelief.
1: Zowie! That dog just bit my penis off! Please call a doctor!

by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
A Pseudo-muscle car manufactured by Ford to make women think they have a real muscle car.

Mustangs can usually be found behind Camaros, Trans-Ams, or GTOs... however, a Mustang is still much better than a little piece of shit rice burner.
Look at the way that Goat ate that Mustang! However, that Mustang did much better than the lawnmower... er... rice burner! In fact, that turtle beat that rice burner!
by First National Bastard May 13, 2003
Gah... idiots...

Anyway... Green Lantern... a comic book character created in 1940 by Sheldon Moldoff (I believe) for All American Comics.

There have been three major Green Lanterns... the Golden Age GL, Alan Scott, the Silver Age GL, Hal Jordan, and the current Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner.

Green Lantern is still published monthly by DC Comics (who acquired All American in the 40s) and can be found at your local comic shop or bookstore.
by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
1: Abbreviation for the Nation's capitol

2: Abbreviation for Detective Comics, which is DC Comics' Oldest title and the basis for it's name.
1: Washington, DC

2:DC Comics is slightly redundant, seeing as how it literally stands for Detective Comics Comics.
by First National Bastard May 11, 2003
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