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Skank in 1337, yes the stupid internet lingo, used by people who think they're better then everyone else.
j0, that n00b is a 5|<4/\/|<
by Firewall_kZ May 01, 2006
An Online gaming clan, officially called Knights of Zeratul, was created during the good old days of Diablo. Originaly Kevin and Zack guild (the founding members) once it started to expand into different games (mainly Star Craft) the name was changed. Most of the current members play World of Warcraft.
In Kevin's basement 1997 (ish)*
Kevin: Wanna make a guild
Zack: All right. Lets call it KZ, for Kevin and Zack guild.
Kevin: OK! Now we can take over the world
Long silence
Zack: The world ours yet?
Kevin: No....Wanna play diablo?
Zack: Sure

*These events may or may not of happened, all that is certain, is that Kevin and Zack guild was renammed for reason unknown (they probly wanted to be cool)
by Firewall_kZ November 08, 2005
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