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Yaoiphobia is when someone has a negative attitude towards Yaoi, it is also when someone is afraid of Yaoi and has a dislike of it. Yaoiphobic people cannot stand to look at Yaoi, Yaoiphobia mainly occurs in heterosexual men. When someone posts or shows Yaoi, the Yaoiphobic person goes crazy and demands not to see anymore Yaoi; they may even turn hateful to the person and say rude things.

Yaoiphobic people tend to be very closeminded and do not know how to tolerate Yaoi.
Guy/Girl: Ooooh, can I post some yaoi? *posts pictures of yaoi*
Guy # 1: Yaoi...!!!!! Eeeeeww!!! Hurry get the manliness back!! Show me some Yuri quick!!
Guy # 2: YAOI!!! Get that crap out of here!!!
Guy # 3: Don't worry everybody! I have some Yuri right here!
Guy # 4: Thank God for YURI!!
Guy # 5: No one is allowed to post that Yaoi in here!!!
Guy # 6: Yeah!
Guy/Girl: You guys are jerks! Ever heard of being tolerant? >.> (I hate it when someone has Yaoiphobia...)
by Firespot July 21, 2010
Kya Dark Lineage is a very unknown action adventure game for the PS2, it's about a girl named Kya who is sucked into another universe along with her brother Frank. Kya must help a tribe of creatures known as Nativs to get back home.
Person # 1: Have you played Kya Dark Lineage? It's an awesome game?
Person # 2: No I haven't, what's it about?......
by Firespot July 21, 2010

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