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1 definition by Fireheartlover

1. Malini is an Indian name for a girl.. The name means "another name for the goddess Durga" / someone who loves tending to nature (specially flowers) / Spanish Jasmine flower.

3. A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and eyes that could light up the world. Malini's are usually very sweet caring and athletic girls who have a taste for the finer things in life. They can and will also put you in your place if you disrespect/offend them. Malini's are fond of animals/nature/the universe and they are loyal to their partners, family and friends.

4. A very sexy, sporty girl with a wild side. She keeps you always hanging on, always wanting more. She is a seductress of sorts, without even trying to be. She normally has a very pretty face and a body to die for.

5. She is love personified. If you find this girl, you must hold on to her no matter what.
There goes Malini, I wish she was mine.
by Fireheartlover August 22, 2010
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