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1. An intense need for constant companionship or affection.

2. A relationship where one or both people is completely codependent on the other and cannot bear to let them leave their side.
Girl 1: "Aww, that girl from our Spanish class is crying because her boyfriend is out of town..."
Girl 2: "That's total Sad Puppy Syndrome."
by Fireflycities March 30, 2009
How hardcore a person is. Can be measured by: ability to mosh, ability to be sexy, and tendency to dress in scary band t-shirts, as well as other factors.
HXC Guy: dude, the concert last night was AWESOME, I got punched like fifty times in the mosh pit, but I got an epic Blessthefall shirt!
Fangirl: *swoons over intense HXCness*
by Fireflycities July 26, 2009
"Freud For The Win."
A phrase used when someone has a Freudian slip in conversation (saying one word and meaning another), especially if it is an embarrassing mistake.
J: "Well I noticed you used three tits."
K: "Excuse me, WHAT?"
J: "Dots! I meant dots! Sorry!"
K: "FFTW."
by Fireflycities July 07, 2009
A female who stalks younger men. Derived from 'pedobear' and used as a mildly affectionate insult.
B: "OMG I spent like three hours on his facebook page! HE'S ADORABLE!"
K: "lol he's also 15. You pedocougar."
by Fireflycities August 04, 2009

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