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A User Friend is someone who is your friend because you are able to provide favors for them. They use you for services or favors. This could range anywhere from letting them use your laundry machines to giving them a ride somewhere.

The main characteristic of a User Friend is that they will not or will rarely return favors for you.

The User Friend's motivation may or may not be intentional. They may genuinely feel and believe that they're a good friend, but in actuality, either their laziness or lack of reciprocity makes them not a good friend.
John and Kay, Kay is the User Friend.

Kay: Hey John, can you help me fix this file? All of the pages are not the right size.

John: Sure, no problem! Hey what are up to this weekend? Up for hanging out?

Kay: Sure, I'll give you a call!

Kay never calls.

Joseph and Michael, Joseph is the user friend.

Joseph: Hey, thanks for taking me to the airport Mike. I really appreciate it.

Michael: No prob man! Hey, do you think you could watch my dogs for the weekend while I'm out of town?

Joseph: Oh, I've actually got company over that weekend. Sorry bud!

Joseph did have company, but very well could have taken a couple of hours throughout the weekend to take care of Michael's dogs.
by Firefly_Mal October 08, 2010

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