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2 definitions by Firefighter X

An overly epic level of bullshit involved in any situation, with no hope of an end in sight.

Also used to describe swarm of no talent online gamers and the frustrating environment they create.
Darth Jappy: fucking campers...bunch of no talent, douchebags.

C3R3BR0: I've never seen so much mass faggotry in a match, ever.
by Firefighter X March 14, 2010
Adj. A word used to describe someone who has no clue, has their head up their ass, and is a dick about it. Especially popular in gamer circles.
gamer1: Dude WTF, you just KS'd me!?

gamer2: It's called respawn, say hello to it for me asshat.
by Firefighter X March 14, 2010