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4 definitions by FireWall

Negative variation of wa gwan, principally used by members of the Fish and Reenie Mac collectives.
Wa gwan?
Dem tings gwan, wa gwan wit choo?
Na gwan, man.
by Firewall July 21, 2004
A cunt who -HATES- nix because he doesn't know how to use it. He has trouble finding out what a fucking dependency is.
He uses Mandrake and think its the l33t3st shit ever.
Hi, activematrix and i think Mandrake rocks!!! But then again VB is the best language in the world and its very OOP w00t!! God i need some dick :(
by FireWall August 16, 2004
Any dumbass that thinks that VB is the master language and fully supports Microsoft. Also a supporter of George W. Bush.
"Hi my name is ActiveMatrix and i love VB, its better than any language ever made w00t!!!" "Hi my name is Interceptor and i think Microsoft products are completely bug free w00t!!." "Hi my name is Joa_farore and .NET rocks!!!"
by FireWall August 16, 2004
A thirteen year old fag who tries to down-right ridicule others for the sake of others doing it themselves. A fag, cunt, shit bag, nipple pinching, bustdown. All would suffice.
"You mother fucking faero. My name is faero and i love to suck dick. Dick is my past time. Hmmm, nice finger, STICK IT UP MY ASS HOLE!!!"
by FireWall August 17, 2004