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1)n. a popular video game character, starring in all "metroid" games, including "prime, echoes, and echoes 2". Earlier games left players wondering what this warriors gender was, but it is now apparent that samus is a female.
2)n. (slang), a term coinned by a few guys, that after playing the first Smash Brother's video game for N64, realized that once shot by a "ray gun" appeared naked on the screen. The name "samus" has since been used to describe several sexual implements used for gratification, including a pickle covered in foil, a big fluffy stuffed bunny w/ pleasure hole, a clown doll, and also used as a joke in referance to hot video game characters.
Guy 1:Rytas!!!! You queer, you banged Samus HOW many times?!?!?

Guy 2:Ummmm..... I couldn't resist, she's so much fun!

Guy 1:Dude, its a stuffed animal, go get a real chick!
#m.i.l.f. #t-bag #dildo #masturbate #super smash bros.
by Fire Arr0w22 May 16, 2007
n. (slang) An insult coined from the term queef (which refers to a vaginal fart) which is used to insult those with questionable or poor hygiene, background, sexual habits or orientation, or for those who have just ticked you off.

n. Rarely can refer to a grilled queef nugget or LITERAL "queefburger" although this is uncommon.
Guy 1: What are you doing?

Guy 2: Samus.

Guy 1: Without protection? You queefburger!


Guy 3: Hey! You stole my lunch money!

Guy 4: Yea, so?

Guy 3: You fucking queefburger, I'm gonna kick your ass!
#queef #queef-burger #insult #vaginal fart #hygiene #sexual orientation
by Fire Arr0w22 March 27, 2007
(noun) Slang- a phrase coined from the infamous slutty fairy tale princess Sleeping Beauty. While Sleeping Beauty slept uncontrollably, one who is a "queefing beauty" queefs unctrollably like rytas after having sex with his "girlfriend". Not meant as an insult but more as a descriptive device that evades having to say "my girlfriend farts through her vagina a freakin' lot!".
Guy 1: Whoa, that dang rytas was at it again last night!

Guy 2: Dude, i know, i heard her queefs in the middle of the night.

Guy 1: Holy christwagons! She's a Queefing Beauty!
#queef #vaginal fart #queefage #sleeping beauty #loud
by Fire Arr0w22 March 27, 2007
n. (slang) the spelling of the noise the noise a woman makes when recieving sexual pleasure, in one of it's many forms, such as "making out", "foreplay", a "tongue twister", or the actual act of intercourse. This phrase was featured in punk band "bloodhound gang"'s album "Hefty Fine" in the form of their song "uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tiss".
This term occasionally refers to a mans reproductive organ.
Dark Oswin: Hey, 007aleta, i got something, and it goes thumpin like this, all you need is my uhn tiss.

007aleta: What the f#$@?

Dark Oswin: Do i have to spell it out for you bitch? I can penetrate you, all you need is my penis, you'll be singing "uhn tiss" before you know it.

007aleta: You blow, dude.

Dark Oswin: That can be arranged too.......
#sex #moan #pleasure #mr. happy #intercourse
by Fire Arr0w22 May 16, 2007
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