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Usuallly pronouced as gunnin, meaning someone running in the face of danger.
"Man, Charles walk up to Doo with a knife and that nigga started gunnin'!"
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
1) Used as a short, fine, red girl when spittin' game at girls in the mall or somewhere.
2) Can also be used as cousins, sex dosen't matter. It just matters how you use it.
1) Say shawty... I wanna holla.
2) Sup shawty! This my cuz right chere!
by Fire Tears February 10, 2005
Awesome video game about Sora, a messy ass teenager who starts shit with about every villian on the game when all that shit ain't called for.
Quote from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - "You gotta get through me to get to Hercules!" Trust me boy, Hercules can take care of his damn self! Don't push it!
by Fire Tears February 09, 2005

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