11 definitions by Fiona Slennz

A mysterious type of blow job used by one of the biggest whore's in Japan. It has been known to rip dicks.
Az had to see the doctor to get help for his dick, wounded by the octopus.
by Fiona Slennz March 04, 2006
Pandora is Marius's daughter in Anne Rice's vampire novels.
Pandora visited Azim...
by Fiona Slennz March 28, 2005
King of the Jews. Was nailed to a cross which was one of the better execution tools in history.
All hail Jesus, king of the Jews!
by Fiona Slennz June 17, 2005
An odd term for sex, mostly used my male Japanese students (said in English).
I want to waist-shake Kinky Carrie badly!
by Fiona Slennz June 08, 2005

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